Explaindio Video Creator 2.0.14 [Eng]

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Explaindio Video Creator 2.0.14 [Eng]

Версия программы: 2.0.14
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский

Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: замена файлов

Системные требования:
Windows Vista/7/8

Explaindio Video Creator создания Анимации, Doodle рисунков, и движущегося видео программа для создания видео. Создавайте на технологии Adobe Air свое видео, загружайте или перетаскивайте элементы в главное окно, субтитры, создателей видео. Загружайте уже готовое видео и редактируйте его под себя, вносите изменения с помощью

Дополнительная информация:
Easy & Intuitive
Just pick the object & action from library, and combine them with your own videos, images, and audio.

Match your message to a style
Animated, Doodle Sketch, Whiteboard, and Full Motion Videos with custom eye-catching transitions & on-screen effects.

Unlimited Commercial Use
Create videos for your business or for your clients.

Struggling to Create Your Own Marketing, Explainer or Training Videos?
Marketers, trainers, and communicators from businesses both small and large all want to use more motion, animation, or doodle videos to attract and keep viewer attention, as well as to pass on their message in a powerful and effective way. Unfortunately, without the right tool, such content is difficult to create. It requires graphical and programming expertise, or, if you outsource it, is very expensive to make. This is why we created Explaindio.

Explaindio is Transforming How Videos are Made
We believe the video creation is an experience, and experience is defined by the software and video assets working jointly together. We continue to refine that experience, dramatically blurring the boundaries between the two, making the Explaindio more powerful, more intuitive, and ultimately more useful.

Multiple interface parts have been re-engineered to a single canvas screen delivering seamless fusion of video creation elements. We think that video creation software with a real coherence is the result of developing code and creative video assets in unison. We believe that it is the only way to provide the video creation experience that embodies both the sense of quality and integrity synonymous with the Explaindio. This means developing the new Explaindio 2.0 by creating a whole new software architecture; the whole process culminating in an extraordinary, solid, rapid video creation software.

What"s new in Explaindio Video Creator 2:

Sketch to Video
Sketch the first frame of the video and then make amazing transition to live video.

Fully Animated Moving Motion Objects
Make multi-step, sprite like, moving animation of any objects including video, animation, image, and doodle.

Font Import & International Characters
Import any TTF font in any language. Draw or animate text with any characters.

Dynamic Zoom
Set multiple zoom in & out actions for video, animation, image, and doodle sketch image. Set independent action time for each part of zoom sequence.

Sketch to Animation
Sketch the first frame of the animation and then make smooth transition to animation.

Green Screen
Create green screen video and replace any color with animation, live video, doogle sketch or image..

Filled Line Text Drawing
Draw beautifully looking text characters with solid line.

Dynamic Rotation
Set multiple rotation actions for video, animation, image, and doodle sketch image. Set independent action time for each rotation sequence.

Процедура лечения:
Установить программу не запускать. Поместить файл из папки Cracked ExplaindioVideoCreator.swf в папку с установленной программой. Нажать пуск - выполнить или клавиши Win+R набрать в строке адреса %appdata% перейти в папку C:Usersимя_пользователяAppDataRoamingExplaindioVideoCreator и поместить в нее содержимое внутри папки ExplaindioVideoCreator_Roaming из раздачи с заменой.

Explaindio Video Creator 2.0.14 [Eng] Explaindio Video Creator 2.0.14 [Eng] Explaindio Video Creator 2.0.14 [Eng]

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